Jewelry Collections Organization and Display Ideas


If you collect jewelry you know very well how difficult it is to find what you want when you want it or need it. I like to think I am well organized, yet, the truth is only in a small number of “things” in my life is in which this is the real case. The rest goes extremely undone and unorganized just waiting for a time for me to organize it, which is a time I rarely take time to mess with.

Small pieces of jewelry such as rings, earrings, pins, necklaces and just jewelry in general can end up just about anywhere in your living envrionment, perhaps on the night stand next to your bed is a good catch all place for the times you forgot to remove it while washing your face before you suddenly crashed into bed.

I have even tried putting jewelry in the last place I will be before going out the door. As you can see I am not very organized in some areas of my life. Jewelry organization is one of those areas so I read a lot of different ideas and view a lot of photographs of how to organize  jewelry pieces, of which, then I just store away in the backlog files of my brain and never get to actually making some of these neat things I see and read about.

Here are a few of those jewelry organization ideas you as the reader of this post may be much better at creating for organizing your collections of jewelry pieces.

Handmade wood displays of any design you choose. You can place handles and knobs in any spot you desire to hold rings, necklaces, etc. You can make these with discarded knobs and handles you just might already have stashed away somewhere in one of the kitchen cabinet drawers after you decided to change the old ones. Remember, don’t throw away anything like this, you might be able to use it on some kind of display later on for your jewelry collections, that is, if you can remember where you stored the ones you took off your cabinets. I usually stash them away in some drawer within the kitchen cabinets unit.

Any type of vintage work gets my attention. What about using an old picture frame to organize and display your jewelry collections? If you have several pieces you might end up with one wall just full of several of these picture frames. Check out the Goodwill stores and garage sales for purchasing old pictures, take the pictures out of the frames and use those frames to hang on your wall from one end to the other filled with your jewelry collections. Once up on the wall, it will be difficult to not find exactly what you need quickly and if you never change the organization of the frames, you will soon memorize just where everything is when you need it the fastest.

Use a frame to hold rings, the next one to hold your necklaces, and you might have two or more frames for one category of jewelry pieces all hanging together in a row then further organized by color, shape or style of jewelry pieces.

When you are ready to pick out your jewelry pieces for the day or evening, you will soon have those picture frames memorized in such a way you will be able to go straight to the piece you are looking for. This ends up a much more organized and qicker way of retrieving jewelry pieces than rummaging through drawers or swiping across a dresser, shuffling this piece and that piece until you find the one you want or had in mind to find,  not to mention how hard this is on your jewelry.

Then of course will come the time in which you will have to clean all that jewelry you got hanging on the wall in “vintage style” picture frames. I will leave that process up to another article writing. That is just too much for me to think about in one article.

Specific jewelry stations “somewhere” in the vicinity of the steps in which you take when getting dressed is another neat idea I have seen in different photographs. These types of displays or ways to organize your jewelry can sit on a counter top, dresser top, chest top, table top, etc. Keep your eyes open when you look around at different shops, thrift stores, and Goodwill stores for neat looking boxes or what have you to create a nice well organized jewelry display.

Did you ever think about using a wooden clothes hanger to organize and/or display jewelry? This is another creative jewelry display option I have seen here and there and looks easy enough to start using right away. Wooden wall hangers can be painted, by the way, just any color you need them to be unless you are like me in which you put off painting the hangers until suddenly you realized you still need the help with organization and the hangers are not yet painted, then just them without painting perhaps or set aside a rainy day to sit and paint your jewelry display wooden wall hangers.

I am always looking for new ways to organize and display my jewelry collections, I probably will write articles along the way as I see more ideas to share. These I share with you in this article are a few I have seen.

Written by: Connie Limon for Carmilita’s Handmade Jewelry





Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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