Hand Craft Therapy

Getting involved with creative hand crafts may make you feel better from bouts of depression or times of stress. As you work with your hands and focus upon the item you are creating you push back the pain or challenges you are facing at the moment. The result is very therapuetic. Hand crafts may also improve fine motor skills as you stretch and move your fingers the hand and finger movements become easier.

I know this to be true as I have typed since around the age of 13 and used my hands and fingers in various crafts. The latest craft I have noticed better hand and finger movements is the handmade jewelry projects I am doing now. If you think you have poor or limited joint mobility and dexterity or you actually do, if you can at all start with a hand craft, then do so, and as you practice moving your hands and fingers, the movements get easier and easier. Of course there are some people who have such debilitating hand and finger movements it seems almost impossible to even think about a hand craft of any kind. There are ways in which you can work around the stiff and hurting joints. When you decide upon a hand craft ask the local hospital physical therapists or maybe your own professional medical person ways in which to work around joint inmobility and pain or ways to accommodate your issues.

At times severe bouts of depression, anger, anxiety attacks and/or stress just becomes too much for those who enjoy hand craft hobbies and most certainly is not a time to pick up something new. Your hobbies may be a part of your life that just has to fall by the wayside because you are too bored or too fatiqued to do anything much less a hand craft hobby.

Research continues to show us a way to help control times in which your energy levels are so low and daily survival skills are even limited and that way is to try and engage in the activities you enjoy on a regular basis. Engaging in activities you enjoy on a regular basis actually becomes naturally good for you. Perhaps the chemical levels in your brain stay a bit more level if you practice hobbies on a regular basis. This can actually help to offset perhaps a major bout of depression or anxiety attack. It certainly gives our mental health an extra boost as well.

If nothing else, then “collect” perhaps handmade jewelry from some of your favorite jewelry artisans and find ways to display your collections as your hand craft hobby. Refer to this article on this site for more tips about jewelry collection displays: “Jewelry Collections Organization and Display Ideas.” URL: http://carmilitas-handmade-jewelry.myshopify.com/blogs/news/15995983-jewelry-collections-organization-and-display-ideas

People identify with their hobbies. In some cases of schizophrenia and major depressive disorders, people lose touch with hobbies they once dearly loved. If they can reach back into themselves and pull those once loved hobbies back out again, many times the person purposely set aside time to get back in touch with a particular hobby they one time enjoyed. Self esteem returns as the memories of their hobbies are called back into the forefront of their minds. Improvement in mental health and a overall well-being is also accomplished.

Many people who suffer from different kinds of emotional illnesses such as anxiety disorders and depression, bipolar disorders, and more find themselves housebound with time on their hands, while others may manage to have a job or career, only to come home feeling so drained they have little reserved energy to work on a hobby at home. Whatever your case may be, if any, start by doing “something” with your preferred hobby as often as you can and work up to more time. If you never start, then you will never have the chance to work up to a higher more proficient level both in energy and proficiency with your preferred hobby. Practice makes more and more perfect. Pushing yourself to practice will eventually increase your energy levels as well.

We all search for meaning to our lives. Hand craft hobbies can help us create those meanings that will hold some kind of special importance long after you are gone. Some people like to paint whether they have any real talent to paint or not, just creating something that perhaps will live on after them. Owning pets and caring for them is another way of finding meaning in day to day life that perhaps never existed without pet ownership.

As mentioned previously in this writing, engaging in hobbies especially “hand craft hobbies,” allows us to channel internal pain and hurt from our life’s up’s and downs. We all have them. We have to find ways to cope with them. If you cannot participate in the actual hand craft, then perhaps you can collect from others who can and the collecting of those hand crafts can become your hobby, your added meaning to your life.

Written by Connie Limon

Meet Macy

dangle earrings mysterious macy

Price: $15 (includes shipping)

Handmade dangle earrings. The lampwork beads are 14 mm round in size. The lampwork delicate flower pattern/design can be seen as light flickers through the bead creating colors of red and orange from the inside as if there is a light burning inside the lamp shade. The outside delicate flower pattern can be seen as light flickers through the bead. The design shows up very well under camera light here. I used silver and antique bronze with this pair of earrings.

When I finished this project I noticed how these earrings made a special statement about my own personality…….”a light burning from within that flickers to the outside off and on…..” just as the light burns from within this little bead like a lamp shade.

I am calling this particular line of earrings: Carmilita’s Mysterious Dangles. Each pair of earrings is given a female name beginning with the letter “M.” This pair is named “Mysterious Macy.” I will be adding more colors. This is the only pair in this color.

I really had some fun creating this pair of earrings as I laid out all the beads on my mat and worked through the color combination piece by piece. You won’t find another pair like these anywhere unless someone else sees my pictures and creates a pair exactly like them. They are unique and one of a kind as of right now 7-16-14 at 12:35 a.m., which in my opinion is what makes handmade earrings so special.

They are put together well and should last as long as they are taken care of properly. They are lightweight. They hang from the loop one inch.

Price includes FREE shipping.

Purchase Here: Carmilita’s Handmade Jewelry and receive a FREE gift with every purchase from the website.



Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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