Collecting Handmade Costume Jewelry Ideas

What about having a goal to collect the most “handmade” costume jewelry you most possibly can over a lifetime? I have this goal. Most likely it will be all handmade by me. I plan on finding some beautiful boxes to tuck it all away. Believe it or not, Dollar General Store usually has some beautiful boxes at Christmas. I think I will buy the largest box this Christmas 2014. Inside the box I will place the plastic containers by name of collection. I plan on keeping a diary inside the box of brief daily writings. The box will be willed to my grandsons. I have two grandsons as a heirloom to give to their children and hopefully on and on this treasure box of “Carmilita’s Handmade Jewelry” will pass through many of my generations of children.

I read a story “someplace.” Can you remember every place you read stories? I read so many stories I can’t remember them all. In this particular article though it told of a man, I suppose he was famous in some way or another. I can’t remember that detail either. He had worked in many different capacities, some within the celebrity world, and met people like Elizabeth Taylor. The article stated over about a 20 year span of collecting costume jewelry he accumulated in the thousands of pieces, had a reference library about it all that included around 70 books. I need to start keeping reference manuals with photos and details of what I was doing when the piece was created, materials used, and include this in my treasure box.

His particular story told of how women (and he met celebrities in his lifetime) chose to adorn themselves in the 19th and 20th century. I thought what a great idea! This was a man too, and we generally think a woman might be more attracted to costume jewelry, however, Elvis Presley loved his jewelry. He collected very expensive pieces. I saw on a video on You Tube where his daughter, Lisa, allowed one television personality to go into a secret room at Graceland and view some of Elvis’s collections, and I believe “jewelry” was in that particular segment, can’t remember that one exactly either.

Back to the other story though about the man who had worked among celebrities and collected thousands of pieces of costume jewelry……he said one of the things he was so interested in through his collecting of costume jewelry was the fact that it had a previous life and was still functioning in the present time. More than likely he had some very expensive pieces of costume jewelry as well with it being a lot among celebrities. I suppose truth is even the wealthiest of people sometimes prefer costume jewelry pieces over traditional jewelry! And if time goes on here on earth, all of us who create handmade costume jewelry, if we keep records of it all and samples of our collections, someone somewhere else in the future will most likely find our collections very interesting as well. Who knows that in the future antique costume jewelry may be selling for much higher prices than what we pay for each piece today. Start your handmade costume jewelry collection today and see just how much you can collect. The pieces are so inexpensive it is an easy collection to gain thousands of pieces over a lifetime. Some type of handmade vintage box would be a great place store our handmade costume jewelry collections. There are just so many ways to start and keep a nice collection either to pass down in your own family or just to tuck away for “anyone” to find later. A detailed history in the form of a diary or any kind of record book is also nice to keep in these collections. Tell your story on a daily basis and add more “happy nostalgia” to everyone with your handmade jewelry collections. If nobody else is blessed by it, I am sure your children and their children and the children after them will love to have a treasure box like this.

Happy Handmade Costume Jewelry Collecting.

Written by: Connie Limon

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Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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