Wearing Jewelry to Enhance Your Appearance

I think every person is different  when choosing jewelry to enhance the appearance. It also depends upon where you live, your culture and the event. One trend, however, is “statement jewelry.” A standout necklace or a rich textured chain. If you have the long layered necklaces, clip off some of the chains to make it a solitary piece. You can do this with a wire cutter cutting near the clasp.

Some jewelry professionals recommend wearing bolder, larger pieces intense with colorful gems. Do you have several very dramatic pieces of jewelry? Try wearing only one or two at a time. For example, wear only that oversized cocktail ring or only one huge necklace or one only dangly earrings.

Some people go with the current styles, while others quietly wear their own unique styles never worrying about exactly what is in style, just what suits them is fine. Wearing jewelry of any kind definitely makes a statement and impression. Think about what kind of impression you want to make and then purchase your jewelry accordingly, or think about the statements you want to make with your jewelry wardrobe. The current trend does seem to be “less is more,” however, this still depends upon what culture you live in. Some cultures add a piece of children to every body part, even those unexposed to the world, so it all depends upon who you are, where you are, why you wear the jewelry and the statements you want to make.

A simple rule of thumb is to look for versatile pieces, such as a long necklace with a clasp that can be worn several ways as a single strand, a triple strand or choker, even as a bracelet.

Pay attention to compliments from your best friend, neighbors or even strangers. They are often your best critics. Wear more often your most complimented jewelry pieces. Jewelry should enhance your appearance, and should catch the attention of others. Remember the jewelry pieces that get the most compliments and keep this in mind when you are shopping.

Purchase jewelry pieces you love while out shopping. If something catches your eye instantly pay attention to the instinct and purchase. First reactions are powerful indicators of a winning choice. How do you know you really like a piece of jewelry? I think it is the moment you say to yourself, “yes, I want that,” or “I just love that.” Chances are greater if you purchase from that instinct it will be a jewelry piece you will love every time you put it on.

It is also a good idea to try on jewelry before purchasing if possible to be sure it is comfortable, the right length, are you able to work the attaching pieces such as a clasp or the backs of earrings. Does it stay on? These little things are important to note while shopping for jewelry “in person.” If it does not fit properly you most likely will not wear it. If you are purchasing online, be sure you have a guarantee you can return the piece if it is not satisfactory within a satisfactory time period to both you and the seller.

Bracelets are in one season and out the next. Wear any style you like, th in, thick, cuff, beaded, silver, gold, or bronze. Trendsetters seem to like to stack bracelets. I have seen so many different kinds of bracelets, it would be hard for me to choose. I would most likely go for a beaded bracelet, maybe even single strand, 3 strands at the most. If you have beautiful hands and fingernails, a bracelet is perfect to draw attention to your hands. The rule is just about anyway you want to wear a bracelet is fashionable. They certainly do enhance the appearance of your hands, whether or not hands and fingernails are your best features. I feel like my hands are “fat,” and rings is something I wear only as a statement of a relationship commitment. Bracelets, I do not own, yet, I might make some beaded ones eventually. I like seeing beaded bracelets on other people. I am a time keeper. I have to wear a watch everywhere I go. I need to know the time “often.” I could wear a bracelet on my other arm, but my left wrist is reserved for time keeping. I am practical. Cell phones are great for keeping up with the day of the week and time, yet, I still cannot give up my watch for basic time keeping. I wear a watch like a pair of glasses. I go nowhere without my watch, except to sleep. Glasses and watches come off for sleep time.

If you will buy jewelry in neutral colors the pieces can go with most of your wardrobe, however, with the color choices in beads, so many people like to pick put their bead color to an exact match to their outfits. I choose dangle earrings by their shapes, their dangling, the color of beads and most of what I wear goes with what I choose. I wear a lot of black, navy and red. Black is my main color. I must be in a constant of mourning! If you are looking for jewelry pieces to go with just about anything in your closet, choose greys, camels, frosts, and blacks. Honestly, I do not match my earrings to my clothes all that much. I just wear whatever pair I like to wear. I like the extra splashes of color some of my handmade beaded dangle earrings gives to my otherwise pale skin.

Retro and vintage styles are in fashion these days (2014), which is probably why I am so into these dangle earrings with the antique bronze and copper shades, those that look like the old fashioned lamps hanging from my ears. Hey…I am just a regular person, not a fashion model, and I realize this fact. I buy what I like to see in the mirror. I always say when the chips are down, it is “to each his or her own.” I practice the same theory in wearing jewelry. I never follow the trends or the styles. I wear what I like seeing in my mirror, which means I must not be much of a real “people pleaser.” I live to please myself first. I think, now why would I want to wear dangly earrings to my shoulders (I have seen this style a lot lately). I don’t like seeing this on others, I sure would not like to see it on myself.

I wear what I like seeing in my own mirror and leave it at that. Yet, to each his or her own, so many people rather wear jewely pieces that others will admire and compliment. It is just whatever you choose to do and whatever makes you happy is my final motto.

Written by: Connie Limon

Owner of Carmilita’s Handmade Jewelry

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Author: connielimon2014

Bead Jewelry Artisan, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons, daughter of Korean War Veteran.

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